Meet Josie


justmeHi, I’m Josie! I’m a young freelance writer and blogger. Currently, my writing focuses on three topics: women’s health & beauty, my experience as a millennial, and cats.

My goal as a writer is to produce friendly, positive, fun, and helpful content to help clients increase their online traffic and visibility.

Why I’m the Writer For You

  • I produce quality writing in your preferred format in a timely manner
  • I prioritize communication and encourage feedback
  • I offer fair rates
  • I’m dependable, friendly, and enjoy working with others
  • Bonus – I have graphic design experience (need a snazzy cover pic? I’ve got you covered!)

More About Me – Let’s Get Personal

In 2015 I graduated from Washington State University with degrees in English and Media Authoring.

I currently live in the famously wet Seattle area with my husband and two cats.

My ultimate goal as a human being on this earth is to uplift, encourage, and help others through the messy quagmire of life.


Contact Josie

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